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Guidebook - first issue


We are glad to present the first issue of the giudebook on the possibilities regarding external funding for SGGW in order cooperation between university and economy that was produced by Agri Innovation Center.


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This guidebook was designed to provide you with full knowledge regarding possible ways of getting funding for innovative ventures that increase competetiveness among the companies and boost the economy.

In this text we show and lead the reader through all of the aspects regarding preparation of the motion, starting from presetation of the idea and ending on the implementation schedule.

The part on presentation of the idea will tell you how to specify goals  and outcomes of venture, show order of actions and the rules regarding the description of venture in order to maximize the chances for success in getting funding.

The following pages will show you how to categorize your innovative idea and how to prepare an analysis on innovativeness of the venture. This is the key stage for further market and trend analysis that helps determinate target group.

 Then we provide advice on building budgets and schedules. There are some guidelines that we summarized in order to prepare  clear and comperhensive motion, so your motion has better chances. We underlined the most common mistakes made when building schedules.


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We encourage you to read this paper and we hope that it will help you to succeed in geting funding for your innovative ventures.

Enjoy your reading,

Prof. Bogdan Klepacki, Head of the Project

Dr Sebastian Jarzębowski, Head of the Center with the Center Team


The Project is co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development (Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju) from the public funding.

The Project is functioning under the programme of "Creator of Innovation; the Support of the Innovative Academic Entrepreneurship"


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